Numerical Control Series

HF-KWX Series CNC horizontal milling machine

Publish: 2015-04-02

This machine is mainly composed of base,table,column,the column base and column slide,spindle milling head,electronlic controller chiP,half Plate gold,biaxial volume machine,lubrication Part,screw motor.The whole machine adopts powerful T structure of lathe bed,column part adopts dynamic column type double Wall structure,the milling head and adopting the combination of built inside the central pillar structure increase stability and avoid side wear deformation.The main big high strength meehanite cast iron and Castinq resin sand process.the whole annealing treatment and natural aging treatment and high-frequency vibration aging treatment,high rigidity,high stability,achieve the result of Prolonged deformation,can withstand the strong heavy cutting,the stability of the machine tool.long service life.

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